Invisible Service

Ferncrest Campground recognizes that much of the traditional campground model is built on in-person traditions that simply aren’t needed when using today’s technology. Your time is precious and we want you to get to what you came here for, so we’ve eliminated a lot of wasted time when it comes to the check in/out process.

With our invisible service you can expect:

  • An email the day before your arrival date with details and reminders.

  • An email the day before your departure date with check out information.

  • Customer Service is available remotely everyday from 6am until midnight.

We strive to provide you with exceptional, responsive service while remaining invisible. This means everything you need should be waiting for you in your tent but you are always able to text us any questions or requests. Kindly note, at this time we do not offer mid-stay turnovers.We recognize this type of service may not be the best fit for everyone and kindly ask you to keep this in mind before booking.